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julia davis nosko oetry dome
Routsi, Arcadia, Greece

From a note to John Newling: " I've just come back from Routsi to Greece working with the village in permaculture.  I'm developing biodegradable little magic domes which have seeds inside. We wrote words of wishes into the domes.  The clay is in situ in this beautiful mountain village...and these were made just there with nothing other than kitchen equipment."

Syrian perspectives: Scarborough

Working with families of Syrian refugees and the Victorian Atkinson Grimshaw paintings in the Scarborough Museums Trust collection we formed visual collages to explore shaping of identities. A banquet of materials was created to facilitate the practice.

julia davis nosko RCA truth Mark
Truth Mark, RCA

The installation contains the 80,000 word inscription for the docudrma "Truth Mark" set across Eastern Europe.  The clay mounds holding the words are a powerful presence on the perimeter edge, made using a mix of traditional underglazes and natural dyes which will change over time.

Whitworth Art Gallery

Through a series of workshops with Agefriendly Manchester we explored access to clay without a studio, connecting ideas and words with the simplicity of making biodegradeable forms.  The group created a series of magical clay artefacts , completely unfired, decorated and coloured with only natural herbs, plants and spices

julia davis osko
Textile Writing, Survivors Group

Working for several weeks with groups of women who had experienced domestic abuse.  We produced a series of poems together.  One of the early ways into building confidence and sharing experience was this textile workshop focusing on one word of particular significance to participants.

Team Dynamics

Creative writing workshop for outreach team at Rural Action North Yorkshire.  We used word collage,  stories and ‘automatic’ writing to develop perspectives on how every member works differently with the same brief and materials.  Everyone achieved a richness of content & presentation demonstrating strengths of all team members.

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